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I cried out loudly, trembled and moaned passionately. It was the pleasure which I could not bear. I tried to push Jiju away, and tried to join my legs together to squeeze my cunt between my fleshy thighs but I failed in both, Hemant Jiju held me tight and continued rubbing my cunt with his fingers and tried to hold my clitoris between his finger and thumb keeping my thigh apart using his other hand while trying to move his penis in and out of my fuckhole.

Jiju brutally continued fucking me while crushing my clitoris with his fingers for few more seconds till I started crying and screaming in strange pleasure. Finally Jiju slowed down his pace and stopped so that I can cum, I cummed like hell while skipping my heart beat several times, I was shaking feverishly screaming helplessly and my legs were shivering,

tidal waves started hitting my body and I was trembling in sudden jerks rising from my pelvis going till my breast through my belly, oh God I could not believe the way I was bought to that climax, Jiju was holding my tremulous body tight, and somewhat enjoying my state, and finally proper stream of my cunt juices started flowing down, and I started cumming,

Jiju touched my cunt when I was cumming and he could feel the twitching of my love opening, he stood behind me holding me, he was waiting for me to get normal and as he saw that I have recover a bit from orgasm, he took me to bed and came over me and once again started fucking me and spoke after kissing me for few seconds, “Bass ab mera bhi hone wala hai, ek aur minute”

Hemant Jiju fucked me steadily in missionary position comfortably for his pleasure while kissing and caressing my breasts and finally buried himself deep inside me and released his seed in the depth of my womb.

After getting normal Jiju got up from me and lied beside on the same bed, Jeetu Bhaiya was standing at the place from where he could see my fuckhole stuffed with Jiju’s penis and my cunt started oozing out Jiju’s junk which he spewed out in my fuckhole, I could feel it going down to bed as it was really good in quantity, and could see Jeetu Bhaiya looking at my cunt,

which was totally filled with population paste. Jeetu Bhaiya started wearing his undergarment and then wore his lower and spoke to Hemant Jiju while going out that he is going down, “Kahan jaa raha hai, apni biwi ko Chuddte hue dekhne?” Jiju asked him casually, Jeetu Bhaiya smiled on that and replied in same fashion, “aapki biwi ko Chuddte hue dekhne jaa raha hoon”.

At my end I could hear them but physically I was nearly dead and could not think of getting up for few minutes and I lied there with Jiju. Jiju got up first and used the toilet and came out with wet towel and cleaned my fuckhole from his junk properly, and then looked at me asked me, “jayada ho gaya kya” I was in the state where I could not decide that whether it was good or bad,

certainly it was something new for me and far better then my regular sex life which I was living from last few years. Jiju waited for my reply while smiling and looking at my face but I remained silent. After a minute Jiju took me to bathroom and we stood under the shower, He watered my body properly and fondled my breasts and ass mounds for his pleasure.

Once again Hemant Jiju started exploring my cunt with his fingers and cleaned my love tunnel properly under the water to wash it from his junk. I was just standing and enjoying whatever my sister’s husband was doing with me under the flowing water, and could not stop moaning in post orgasm foreplay.

“Chaitu mazza aaya ya nahi?” Jiju asked me while fisting my fuckhole slowly, “hmmmmm……. Par bahut ajeeb tha” I replied, “I know…. par yehi to adventure hota hai” he replied, Jiju was playing with my body and his hands were doing magic to me, apart from playing and opening my cunt from his fingers he played with my ass mounds under the water by moving his fingers up and down in my ass crack and rubbed my tiny ass opening with his fingertip couple of times,

Ohhhh… ishhhh…I went through strange sensation and trembled like fish. My God what was that night, and what was my that whole three night stay, my body was explored sexually by all three men especially by two, Hemant Jiju and his elder brother Bhanu Bhaiya in a fantastic way, even after five years of marriage I was feeling as if I am new to the sex.

Anyway we came out and wore our clothes, once again I wore t-shirt of my one of my that night’s man that is Hemant Jiju and Panty, still I was not suppose to wear bra and anything other than panty on my lower half. We came down in the living room, Jeetu Bhaiya was surfing TV while having something.

As I reached to the living room, I started collecting my clothes which were lying there on the carpet, and tug them into a small bundle. Jiju immediately took that from me and opened one drawer the big cabinet and threw that bundle into the drawer. “kya chal raha hai andar” Jiju asked Jeetu bhaiya while pointing the room

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